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Name : Giovanni
Age : Unknown
Birthdate : Unknown

Class: Junior

1st Period: English III
2nd Period: Trigonometry
3rd Period: World History
4th Period: Classic Literature
5th Period: Psychology and Sociology

Canon Background
Giovanni was an unwilling participant in the pursuit of science - taken at a young age, he was designated as subject 68 in the Cerberus Project, a military faction project that aims to perfect the human soldier by modifying their bodies. Whether he remembers his life before the observation room or not is unclear, but his past until then didn't matter when faced with the possibility of dying in that very room, where he meets Haine, Lily, and Angelica Einstelson for the first time, and is then attacked by Einstelson's "pets". Unable to berserk, Giovanni hid himself into a corner, dead-terrified for his life, prompting Einstelson to personally inform him of what she thinks of his worth: trash. As with all things that happen at the right time under the right situations, one could say this left a very prominent mark on Giovanni's very being, warping his view of himself and those around him, finally becoming fixated on Haine and his seeming invincibility. This was furthered by Haine's breakdown, where he killed almost all of the test subjects in his group in a controlled-environment observation that went horribly wrong. And though Giovanni had survived, he had survived barely intact.

All these events led to who Giovanni is now: an obsessive, voyueristic sociopath with an inferiority and borderline Oedipus complex, all covered by a veneer of civility and proper conduct, and who follows his given orders to the best of his abilities yet nurtures deep conflicted sentiments for those he works for - whose true motives for stalking Haine cannot be ascertained.
Nightmare-verse Bsckground

The most vivid memories Giovanni holds close are the ones he'd most want to forget - the heavy weight of being sedated and overdosed on anaesthesia, the unsettling fear that he's being left behind by everyone in the group for being too weak to hold the drugs as he should, the white walls of their confinement cells, the feel of cheap paper and crayons that served as his only respite, the bullying of the other children. And there was Haine who was too good at everything, and there was Doctor Einstelson who doted on Haine and degraded the rest, and there were those unscheduled "observations" where all the children were herded into a windowless room--

And then it was all red.

What happened next Giovanni couldn't - or wouldn't - tell, but he eventually "graduated" from being a lab rat to something like a person, and was released temporarily into the world to learn how to be part of it, often waiting for phone calls that tell him what he should do next - this time, to partake in the boiling pot that is the secondary academic level of education, better known as high school. Suffering from "light sensitivity", Giovanni has no choice but to attend with sunglasses on at all times, something that he's not sure he likes for the attention it draws to himself. Polite, confident, well-dressed ang good at following orders, Giovanni blends into society well - if you can ignore the rumors that he instigates fights outside of school without actually getting involved, that he gets phone calls at random times during the day from an unlisted number, and that sometimes, when his shirt collar rides low on his neck, you can just see the tip of a scar on his nape.
Dream State

Giovanni's dream form echoes his childhood strongly - he appears as his child form, wearing the uniform clothes given to the children within the drug testing facility, and because the facility uniform's shirt is buttoned up at the back like a hospital gown, a long vertical scar aligned with his spine is visible to all - a souvenir from "an accident" involving Haine, and a reminder of his at-times-delibitating insecurities and obsessions. He wears a metal neck ring which is screwed into his neck, a representation of his being a lapdog to the people who had taken and broken him down, and how he hasn't done anything to free himself from his situation. He also carries a sketchpad that doesn't have a lot of pages left to draw on, with broken crayons in his shirt pocket; the former is a representation of how he feels his life has been used for someone else's goals and how he desperately wants to control what little he can, and the latter a representation of how he's been broken by the things that had happened to him in his past.

In the dream state, his senses are heightened incredibly, but is physically frail; he is able to heal at an extremely increased rate, but is also as many times susceptible to injuries, thus suffering his wounds several times over when his wounds heal over (painful enough in itself) and then reopen, should be beaten up on repeatedly. In the dreams Giovanni is shown for how he really sees himself as - a weak, helpless, insecure boy whose psyche is weighed down by the horrors of his childhood.

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Email: kidcorva@yahoo.com
AIM screenname: loss of stars

This journal is solely for amusement and roleplaying.
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