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in-game contact post [05 Feb 2009|06:57pm]
Email: giovanni [at] hypnos [dot] edu



This number is either busy, out of coverage area, or is just not interested in answering your call. Leave a message after the... yeah, sure. Bye.

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Player/Character Critique Post [05 Feb 2009|06:54pm]
Any and all concerns regarding how this character is played can be directed here.

All comments screened, anon allowed.

Or you can email at kidcorva[at]yahoo.com.
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001, let's do this again. [03 Feb 2009|07:14pm]
...Wow it's been years since I played this guy last.

nightmare_high application.

Name: Giovanni
Source: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

Background sectionCollapse )

Class: Juniors
1st Period: English III
2nd Period: Trigonometry
3rd Period: World History
4th Period: Classic Literature
5th Period: Psychology and Sociology

Awards and Activities: none

Samples sectionCollapse )

Notes: Er.</blockquote>
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OOC Again - character essay [27 Oct 2007|09:20pm]
Character essay, Giovanni. In which I will fuck up the english language with my fake Victorian verbage - which, considering Dogs, is the most innapropriate language I can use (I'm sure Badou can pull off Valley-speak if he tried). Enjoy.

PS. This is long enough to spur an entire fucking paper based solely on intrpretations of a fucking cartoon.


Thus I take my leave, and my wishes to you.
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